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  • SK Carbon
    Glass man (Reviews to SK Carbon

    It is a racket that fulfilled the three hopes of light weight, thin plate thickness, special material entering.· Anyway light (78 g used by me)Even...

  • Def play Senzo
    Near future future cut man (Reviews to Def play Senzo

    No, I think that is normal, but since the drive tends to be a drive extended by rotation, it may make a strange habit and the drive may not be stab...

    Yugon (Reviews to VIOLIN J

    I think that all play can be stable. I think that it is a racket which can be used widely from beginner to advanced.

  • Innerforce Layer ZLC
    Yugon (Reviews to Innerforce Layer ZLC

    I asked a friend to hit it. The first impression is that you often hear in the hand when you hit a ball. I am not good at this feeling but I think ...

  • Zhang Jike ZLC
    Table tennis (Reviews to Zhang Jike ZLC

    It is very easy to use. But it takes time to get used to. Just hit the roving too and you will be entering greatly. it's recommended

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