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  • Koji Matsushita Offensive
    Defenders (Reviews to Koji Matsushita Offensive

    It is middle 2 cutman.I used Matsushita Koji until now but I bought it because I want to increase the attack power.Compared to Koji Matsushita, thi...

  • SK7 Classic
    Yukiga (Reviews to SK7 Classic

    It is a racket that can also be called the European originator.Spherical separation often gives speed.Maybe even a little ball holding

    I want to sleep early. (Reviews to KASUMI BASIC

    I switched from FL to ST, but it fits very hands.Because the controllability is also good, it is recommended because you can enter the drive very e...

  • Corbel - FL
    Former table tennis department (Reviews to Corbel - FL

    Because the use of soft eyewood and basic design are old, speed and flight distance are not good. Speed ​​comes out from swatters whose prices and ...

  • Wang Liqin
    You Arakaki (Reviews to Wang Liqin

    I liked the grip and bought it, but I do not receive the impression that changed much due to the price of king leopard king and so I did not honest...

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