Nexxus EL Pro 50 Hard

Everyone's rating [Hardness] Pretty soft
[Performance] Speed and Spin to have excellent
Nexxus EL Pro 50 Hard

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    Commitment to continuous improvement, excellent performance and outstanding quality have always be core values of the GEWO tradition.
    Most players have already adjusted to the new ABS balls successfully and made the necessary changes in their techniques. At the beginning of this adjustment, players preferred rubbers with rather soft top sheets (for more ball rotation and speed), but now top-level players more and more use hard to very hard rubbers which perform at their best in close-to-the-table power play. In order to offer the perfect solution on this level, too, GEWO designers and world-class players as well as ambitioned players of all levels teamed up in countless test series to find the perfect rubbers meeting the specific requirements of the individual players. The goal was to find the ideal combination of maximum speed, spin and feeling without losing the indispensable level of control required in table tennis.

    The perfect weapon for uncompromising attacking! This is the latest power update for the popular top sheet of the Nexxus EL Pro rubber series. The grippy and flexible top rubber sheet still enables spin loaded strokes from any distance and speed variations. However, with GEWO Nexxus EL Pro 50 Hard you can benefit from the additional power of the more compact sponge (hardness 50°). Put your opponent under non-stop pressure. Even from mid-distance, this rubber won’t run out of steam, you will always feel the direct and reliable coupling of the ball with the rubber. Perfect for ambitioned and high-performing players with fast and short-range stroke movements preferring close-to-the table playing and looking for a point-winning combination of maximum speed and spin. GEWO Nexxus EL Pro 50 Hard – „improve your game to the next level!“

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      Mr. Silent (Experience:6〜10 years) Both speed and flight distance are not perfect, but competence is essential to put it on the table

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      I use it on the fore side of the shake. It is a super-attack type rubber for hard hitters who is good at upward rotation (especially it is difficult to rotate downward unless you can make an impact), but it is a block that utilizes the difficulty of being affected by rotation due to hardness.
      I think that it is suitable for people who use a lot of counters, people who mainly play and hit (as fast as I think that the return ball is doubled anyway), and people who want a long serve with high speed. (Because it is a pointed rubber, it requires considerable skill to do everything. It is especially difficult to keep it short)

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      Hardness Hard

      Racket recommended use LIBERTA SOLID Pro

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