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    ashura_heshiyu48 (Reviews to SWEDEN EK CARBON

    High specs for YasuiRecommended for beginners. Rubber with a transition to tenergy around intermediate levelFor the time being, I want to improve t...

    Jumping Ossan (Reviews to LIBERTA SOLID Pro

    After seeing Yu's review, I bought it for my son in junior high school.The rubber is used by transplanting the thing that was used until then.When ...

  • Mizutani Jun ZLC
    John Mizutani (Reviews to Mizutani Jun ZLC

    The feeling of jumping that is often said is not so strong. Those who have used outer carbon such as ALC should be able to use it without any disco...

  • FORTIUS FT ver.D
    shinkey12 (Reviews to FORTIUS FT ver.D

    Purchased as a fan of Yuya OshimaFortunately, it was a heavy individual, so its speed and rotation were super-class (laughs).Since it is outer carb...

  • VS Unlimited
    Pyon Pyoko Pyon Pyon Fun (Reviews to VS Unlimited

    I think the performance is a wonderful racket.Because the top plate is softIn the general frame, the material feels like a shot, but it is soft, an...

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