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  • SK Carbon
    Hi ~ (Reviews to SK Carbon

    I searched for a light racket and purchased it.I really like it. In particular…〇 It's light, but it's faster because it can be shaken off〇Because...

  • WFS high S (square)
    Kamikaze (Reviews to WFS high S (square)

    It is a racket for those who fight in the front team haste type or the middle team. The shot feeling is comfortable and you can feel the feeling of...

  • Zhang Jike T5000
    I LOVE STIGA (Reviews to Zhang Jike T5000

    I'm using Lin Gaoyuan ALC now, so I'll do a comparative review.Speed: Zhang Jike T5000 & gt; Lin Gaoyuan ALCSpin: Zhang Jike T5000 & lt; Lin Gaoyua...

    Pon heron (Reviews to TREIBER CI OFF

    Basically you can hit anywhere.Serve is very easy to hit because the inner is contained in carbon. Recommended for those who aim for service ace. H...

    Ma Lin Extra Offensive (Reviews to MA LIN EXTRA OFFENSIVE

    If you can catch the ball firmly, you can hit a very good ball.In addition, it is a very good racket because it is easy to process on the table and...

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