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  • Black Balsa 5.0
    Minami 303 (Reviews to Black Balsa 5.0

    Cutman's racket performance is also available! People who are accustomed to racket bouncing because it is really strong against banging are very ea...

  • Freitas ALC
    Fastaque (Reviews to Freitas ALC

    It is the best racket ever used!Speed, spin There is nothing wrong!The ball will fly well!I think that the rubber will fit anything!Grip design is ...

  • Hadraw JPV-S
    Strong spin (Reviews to Hadraw JPV-S

    I think that this racket is a racket for the drive main type that fights in rotation if it is in the Japanese type penholder emphasis on rotation. ...

  • Stash
    Beginner (Reviews to Stash

    Beginners know how to keep using longI am a considerable amateur,Stash is important to use.Characteristic of stash,It is possible to control!The qu...

  • Hadraw JPV-S
    spin (Reviews to Hadraw JPV-S

    I think that this racket is for a drive main type which is a person of a Japanese style penholder and fighting if it is rotated. And I thought that...

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