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  • Kenta Matsudaira ALC
    reizeru (Reviews to Kenta Matsudaira ALC

    I was using Timorbol w7 but I bought Mr. Kenta Matsudaira from acquaintances so compareI tried putting a ball just with a momentary racket         ...

  • Maze Performance
    katsuo000 (Reviews to Maze Performance

    It was borrowed because members of the club were using it.Anyway it is very easy to control! !I understand why the owner challenges from the receiv...

  • FLYATT Carbon
    Lit (Reviews to FLYATT Carbon

    Although I was using it as a fly-at spin when I was a beginner, it might be that there is a sticky tension of Butterfly or Fastark G-1, sticky one....

  • Butterfly Hadraw VK
    Red dog (Reviews to Butterfly Hadraw VK

    Try using it for over half a year. Fore drive also enters firmly, back hand drive enters in a flowing manner.Smash of the back, studyIf you have so...

    I like table tennis ☆ (Reviews to HUGO CALDERANO FOCO OFF+

    I changed it from inner force ZLF (out of print).When you hit it, the distance will come out even in the back.And it is easy to use. Grip is also e...

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