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    Clipper wood (Reviews to CLIPPER WOOD

    The amount of rotation and speed were very good!One drawback is that it is heavy ...I thought it would be good if I put up table software.The stick...

  • Eldy (Reviews to Hinokabon S (square)

    I've been using butterfly veneer Cypress for more than 10 years, but it's moving with age.As it became stricter, I decided to start the backside st...

    Makochin (Reviews to VISCARIA SUPER ALC

    It's not as hard as SZLC, but it feels like a hard shot.The momentum is also strong, so if the impact is not strong, it will pop out before applyin...

  • Swat Power
    Intermediate person's book (Reviews to Swat Power

    I bought two at a lucky bag at a table tennis shop.Before the purchase, I put Lakza z on the inner force layer ALC.As for the impression, I think t...

    Carlo (Reviews to ZX-GEAR FIBER

    The stability of 5 sheets + fiber and the good holding of the ball are outstanding and the balance is very good.Also, since it fits with any kind o...

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