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  • Zhang Jike ZLC
    Manyu (Reviews to Zhang Jike ZLC

    I got it from a friend.First of all, the design is cool.The impression that I used it is because there is also a relationship of rubber, so I get p...

  • Timo Boll ALC
    Manyu (Reviews to Timo Boll ALC

    We use both sides Rosena pasted.I am using it for my son in middle school in elementary school, but it seems that the grip is not thick and I don't...

  • Freitas ALC
    Manyu (Reviews to Freitas ALC

    I use it as a racket of the other party.It is a good racket balanced in all the technology.Both the cosmetic box and the grip design are cool.I do ...

  • Hadraw Shield
    Chop (Reviews to Hadraw Shield

    It is very good for the cut and the cut of the azalea, the sense of stability. Furthermore, it is hard to be pushed by powerful balls because there...

  • Mizutani Jun Super ZLC
    Makochin (Reviews to Mizutani Jun Super ZLC

    The best racket to buy in the era of cell balls! I thought, but it became quite a difficult racket after becoming plastic balls.When I hit it after...

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