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    Thomas the Tank Engine (Reviews to LIN Yun-Ju SUPER ZLC

    This is the racket used by Taiwanese ace player Lee Yun-Ju.It was extremely expensive.However, after buying it, I found that it is easy to use for ...

  • 樊振東 ZLC
    Lazanter (Reviews to 樊振東 ZLC

    Considering it is an outer racket, I found it to be a racket with good control and no bounce.

    Vietlegend (Reviews to SWEDEN EXTRA

    This is a very good full 5ply wood blade. Made in Sweden and cost only around 35€. Don't underrate this blade. Trully it is a control monster f...

  • Tomokazu Harimoto Innerforce ZLC
    6 years (Reviews to Tomokazu Harimoto Innerforce ZLC

    I switched from a softer inner and it's easy to handle. The speed is also perfect.

  • Zhang Jike ALC
    Lemon (Reviews to Zhang Jike ALC

    This was my first outer racket and I tried it.The first thing that surprised me was the price.It contains special materials and is a little expensi...

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