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  • ALBA
    Moonlight mask (Reviews to ALBA

    Impression of using Aruba 23.To be honest, this is the racket that is currently ranked first in the “Rack and feel, exhilaration”.Unlike wood, it i...

  • Yoshida Kaii CS
    Table tennis is a pen (Reviews to Yoshida Kaii CS

    The good performance of this 7-plywood that can be understood by those who understand.Unlike the other 7 plywoods, the 7-ply is the best masterpiec...

    Kuramochi (Reviews to MA LIN SOFT CARBON

    It ’s easy to insert a drive from anywhereIt is easy to process on the table such as stop and Tsuttsuki

    Takoyaki Taro (Reviews to TIMBER 7 OFF/S

    It is the strongest back racket.The trouble that the fore jumps too much will be solved at once.If you hit the red knuckle properly, the label on t...

  • LIN Gaoyuan ALC
    I love tools (Reviews to LIN Gaoyuan ALC

    The feeling of hitting and the sound when hitting are good!You can hit the ball with either the front team or the middle team!The racket itself was...

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