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  • Mizutani Jun Major
    Gengar (Reviews to Mizutani Jun Major

    It was an 83.2g individual. At 176g with rubber attached, it is light and easy to shake.There was a feeling of going up, but the whole thing was ma...

  • Ofucharofu Legend carbon
    a (Reviews to Ofucharofu Legend carbon

    It's fast and very nice, but it's not suitable for beginners...

  • Szocs Signature
    Sebuchi (Reviews to Szocs Signature

    I thought it would be possible for a woman with small hands to wear it because it was a spec model for Succi, but it turned out to be quite thick. ...

    Accurate (Reviews to LIBERTA SOLID Pro

    With light hits, bench techniques, regular drives, and loop drives, you can hit the ball with a soft feel like that of 5 wood plywood, and with spe...

  • Swat
    Elle (Reviews to Swat

    I used to use Kyohyo Neo 3 on Exter V, but this one flies better, but it's easier to control, so I think it's perfect for beginners.

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