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    Submarine nature (Reviews to ALNADE

    In the outer carbon racket, it is easy to handle and user-friendly impression. It is a carbon that purely bounces, not a flying carbon. However, th...

    Dancing (Reviews to WG CARBON

    A perfect racket for you! There is speed, and if it turns a little, it can be applied quite well.

    Takaki Niwa fan (Reviews to KOKI NIWA WOOD

    It is the first review post!I changed it from this inner force layer ALC to this racket. At first I thought that it was very heavy and difficult to...

  • Timo Boll ZLF
    Naoyoshi (Reviews to Timo Boll ZLF

    There is no loss after using itWhen I first used it, I remember being surprised by the shot feeling I had never experienced beforeWhat I can not ta...

  • FORTIUS FT ver.D
    mizutaku (Reviews to FORTIUS FT ver.D

    Previously I used inner force layer ZLC, but I like this racket which is close to wood so I purchased this racket. Weighs 90 g and gets an average ...

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