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  • Butterfly Hadraw VR
    Apollo pitch (Reviews to Butterfly Hadraw VR

    It is an impression that I borrowed from a friend and tried to hit it, but it is an impression that it is difficult to control a little individuall...

    Tools Stray (Reviews to NOSTALGIC ALLROUND

    Lightweight and soft 5 plywood. Momentum is about all round evolution.A person who wants to make a fuss with the momentum of Oleyebo is good.

  • Offensive reflex system
    Perplexity (Reviews to Offensive reflex system

    The boards themselves are quite stiff, they are quickly separated from the ball, and often fly.It is a racket that makes the hard board feel soft b...

  • Purimorattsu · EX
    Perplexity (Reviews to Purimorattsu · EX

    This is a racket feels like wood.Feeling the acoustic, just a little hard. It is really small.However, due to the difference in hardness, it is ver...

    Roving (Reviews to MA LIN EXTRA SPECIAL

    All technologies to hang, play, stop are easy to do. I came across this good racket after a long absence. I tried with 7 plywood to practice the ba...

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