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  • Acoustic Carbon Inner
    man swinging Taro (Reviews to Acoustic Carbon Inner

    Compared to the acoustic, it was a hard impression that the ball separation containing carbon was faster.However, it is not a racket that bounces m...

    man swinging Taro (Reviews to ZX-GEAR FIBER

    The shot feeling is quite soft and the hitting sound is so loud that you can't tell if the fiber is really in it.To be honest, even if it is said t...

    man swinging Taro (Reviews to QUARTET AFC

    I admired and used it at the time when Niwa was using itIt is a thin racket with 4 pieces of carbon, but it is a racket with a strong carbon feelin...

  • LIN Gaoyuan ALC
    man swinging Taro (Reviews to LIN Gaoyuan ALC

    It is the ALC racket of the butterfly of the royal roadFrom plywood composition to carbon type nothing changes with Timo Boll ALCIf you are using t...

  • Timo Boll ALC
    man swinging Taro (Reviews to Timo Boll ALC

    It feels like a royal road outer carbon racketIsn't it an easy-to-use racket that is easy to rotate and has good speed in the outer system?I myself...

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