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  • Fortius FT5
    Chaco chin man (Reviews to Fortius FT5

    Despite the plate thickness of 6.6, the weight was in the first half of 80, so I felt that a great racket was scuffing and I couldn't feel it being...

  • Def play Senzo
    MAX (Reviews to Def play Senzo

    I tried hitting F with Mark VAD and B with Takines chop 2. (F is thick, B is medium)I used to be a driveman in the front of Table B, so I was anxio...

    Irino (Reviews to CLIPPER WOOD

    Anyway, the shot feel is hard! It will fly before turning or changing the ball on the front or back!The speed when hitting meat is fast and refresh...

  • Zhang Jike ALC
    War criminal (Reviews to Zhang Jike ALC

    Changed from zlc to zalc here. The zlc does not rotate, and over and net mistakes occur repeatedly. After changing to this racket, it fits properly...

  • Zhang Jike ALC
    The (Reviews to Zhang Jike ALC

    I used an inner, but I changed it here because the drive is shallow and often countered by the front line. Although it is natural, even a sticky ru...

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