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  • Beginner representative (Reviews to INFLECT

    The first thing I thought of when I took it for the first time is that "the picture is thin! ︎! ︎! ︎". So it may not be easy to put in force. Howev...

  • Levant
    Hulti (Reviews to Levant

    Combination with Vega intro is too much. I think that combining with Vega intro will increase the amount of rotation and speed, so we recommend thi...

  • FLYATT Carbon
    tempura (Reviews to FLYATT Carbon

    It is easy to control and it is good because COSPA is fairly high. Speed ​​is hard to come out and it is too light, so the professional is recommen...

  • FORTIUS FT ver.D
    Manaboot (Reviews to FORTIUS FT ver.D

    I hit it with Q3 in a test racket, but the sense of stability was amazing. There was a ball holding to fly. The platform is also easy to do. I woul...

  • FLYATT Carbon
    Table tennis boy (Reviews to FLYATT Carbon

    It's easy to use and cospa is expensive, so it is recommended for beginners! However, it may be a matter of technology, but it is hard to spin and ...

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