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    Unknown (Reviews to KANTER FO OFF

    In the middle age, heavy rackets became tightWith this racket, the fore and back turn are also easier.I think that it is perfect for the battle typ...

  • Altero
    Hasafra (Reviews to Altero

    There are some rubbers, but they can be heavy. The counter feels good. Bounce well and feel comfortable. Get addicted!

  • Brockman Ⅱ
    Naka Pen (Reviews to Brockman Ⅱ

    I borrowed a friend, but the sense of stability was amazing. There was little over error because the rotation of the opponent's drive was able to b...

    Shiromaru no Maru (Reviews to ZEBARATE

    Yasaka's racket had been hated by herself until now, but betrayed ...It ’s so good!

  • Swat
    Chikuwa (Reviews to Swat

    The first impression was that there was no hesitation and stable play,After all seven plywood is heavy, and there is a feeling that the ball flies ...

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