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  • SK7 Classic
    Hako (Reviews to SK7 Classic

    Heavy / hard / flyIt is one of the 7 plywoods that is packed, and if you put a hard rubber on the back surface of this racket, it will be quite dif...

  • S-2000
    s2000 (Reviews to S-2000

    It is easy to handle and the hit ball is very stable. Recommended for the first one. It is very easy to rotate.

    Flower (Reviews to FORTINO PERFORMANCE

    this is good! It's easy to control and speeds up with rotation!

    katsuo000_2 (Reviews to STRADIVARIUS

    88g in FL.I have not checked it separately, but it will probably be a racket with a center of gravity on the grip side as if the grip is clogged.Th...

  • SK7 Classic - CS
    You in the brain (Reviews to SK7 Classic - CS

    This racket is heavier than other rackets, so you can put a thin rubber or a light rubber on the back side and it will be a good weight.I'm also a ...

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