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  • Swat
    I (Reviews to Swat

    A racket that is easy to control and has a sense of stability that can be used by anyone It is good to use it at the beginning, but I think it is g...

    Hello (Reviews to VISCARIA

    The drive is very easyChiquita is also easy to doTsuttsuki is slightly difficultEasy to cutBack drive is very easyServe can do any serve without an...

  • SK Carbon
    Hello (Reviews to SK Carbon

    This racket is light for the time being! LolIt is recommended for beginners because the price is easy to findSpeed is goodThe spin will be fineCont...

  • Innerforce Layer ZLC
    It is a racket I used before (Reviews to Innerforce Layer ZLC

    First of all, fastLol control and spin are not so effective so it is not recommended for beginners It is recommended for those who want to rank up

  • Zhang Jike Super ZLC
    Table tennis lovers (Reviews to Zhang Jike Super ZLC

    No, the feeling of hitting is lolit's the bestIt was easy to do other tricks that seemed difficult to block! There was not much control

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