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However, if you use photo etc... as a way to introduce my site, it is not limited.
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On this site, although the accuracy of all of published informations are expected, but maybe occurs misunderstandings and errors. For any damage caused to that time, Tabletennis Reference isn't responsible.
The published information in this site may be changed or updated without notice, Tabletennis Reference will be able to change the information and programs that are described in this site without prior notice.
Regardless of the reasons of the above, we can not assume any responsibility regarding damage caused by the mentioned link destination of this site.

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Please turn on the set of Javascript in the browser side.
◆Print this page In this site, please understand that we do not configuration page in consideration of the print.
◆Opinions to this site The configuration of the present site, inscription contents, the appearance, etc. of the page, if you have any comments or inquiries, thank you from the inquiry form.
Contact us by phone · FAX please limitative.
In addition, please note that in reply to the e-mail there is a case to take several days.

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You do not need to get report especially, if you can let us know by e-mail form called 「Who has the introduction to this site」to be linked

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