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    Kondo udon powder (Review of the RIGAN)

    The seat will be exactly the same as GTT, the ball will get caught and rotate well.Because the sponge is different, there will be a difference in t...

  • VJ>07 STIFF
    Turtle (Review of the VJ>07 STIFF)

    It is a rubber that does not fly and is not speed, but I think it is a rubber that encourages my own growth.It ’s easy to hit anyway.I put it on th...

  • GTT45
    Takoyaki Taro (Review of the GTT45)

    I started doing it for the first time in about 30 years. In the old days, it was a front-end haste with a slender single plate and angle strikes an...

    Afternoon bower (Review of the JOOLA BADMAN RELOADED)

    Caution→ This rubber has been discontinued.Very easy to handle in tension grainsPush and block easily fit on the base(When using an all-round racke...

  • Evolution MX-P
    and (Review of the Evolution MX-P)

    The growth from the stand is amazing.The block can be stable.The fore and back are very nice.I want it to be used for players who win by spinning.T...

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