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    company (Review of the DNA PLATINUM XH)

    Compared to R53, which has similar sponge hardnessThe speed was equal to or higher than that, and above all, the rotation and grip were greatly exc...

  • Dignics 09C
    Lucky (Review of the Dignics 09C)

    It doesn't feel sticky, and I think it's okay to think it's a high tension rubber.Or rather, personally, I felt that it was more bouncy than genera...

  • Sriver
    Yeah (Review of the Sriver)

    As the headline says, it's a regrettable rubber. I use it inside the back of Kolbel, but I feel it is standard. The difference from high tension ru...

  • Grass D.tecS
    gorilla (Review of the Grass D.tecS)

    As the heading says.Since it flips on its own, it is not suitable for making changes from yourself.However, the reversing performance is a first-cl...

  • Vega Euro DF
    Very small fish cut man (Review of the Vega Euro DF)

    Because it is soft, the forecut is very stable. Also, the ball sinks at a super-radical amount of rotation. The drive is also stable. It is the bes...

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