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  • A-1 · 2
    Galore (Review of the A-1 · 2)

    I bought it for play because it was sold at a very low price. It's a small grain. side b.I usually put normal tension on the back, so I had a hard ...

  • Quantum X PRO
    Carepa (Review of the Quantum X PRO)

    I used the MX-P once and a friend told me to try using it!It may be a performance that is one rank below the MX-P that my friend explained. I was t...

  • Dignics 09C
    human panda (Review of the Dignics 09C)

    I took over from my senior and pasted it on the Quartet AFC. I've been using the madhouse turbo orange before, so it's a comparison, but it's harde...

  • Super Anti
    Table tennis - GTR (Review of the Super Anti)

    use a mouse.It was my first anti, so I didn't fly at first and most of them went directly to the net.However, as I got used to it, I got more and m...

    Table tennis - GTR (Review of the ORIGINAL EXTRA)

    It's for beginners.The controls are excellent and help you master the technique, but fall short once you've roughly mastered the basics. So, if you...

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