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    Shakeback grain person (Review of the ILIUS B)

    Used for shakeback grains.It wasPush: A push-only push is a knuckle and is susceptible to rotation.Stable when sliding sideways.The amount of rotat...

    I love Rosena (Review of the ROZENA)

    It is attached to both the fore and back. I thought this rubber was the first time I used it. Rozena is a rubber made by Butterfly's original techn...

    Shimpei (Review of the JEKYLL&HYDE V47.5)

    I've been using Xiom rubber for a long time. I changed in the order of Omega 4 Elite → Omega 7 Euro → Jekyll & Hyde V4 7.5. Until now, I've only us...

  • TENERGY 80
    Tomoyan (Review of the TENERGY 80)

    I was asked to hit my friend's dig 80, but it was hard and I couldn't use it easily. Although it is certainly a top-class rubber, the purchased Ten...

  • Roundell Soft
    Natto (Review of the Roundell Soft)

    Can you tell the difference between Roundel Soft, Roundel Hard and Roundel? The speed and spin are all the same for Roundel rubber. So why does it ...

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