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  • Tenergy 64
    Shumai (Review of the Tenergy 64)

    The sphere flies in a straight line.Net mistakes stand out because I don't draw many arch lines. However, the speed is higher and more powerful tha...

  • TRIPLE Double Extra
    so (Review of the TRIPLE Double Extra)

    It was strange that even if you hit it normally, there is no feature in speed and rotation, but in the fore drive, a nasty ball goes even if you hi...

  • Spectol
    LOVE table tennis (Review of the Spectol)

    The performance was well-balanced without extreme bouncing or rotation.It's a little tough when you go down to the apse, but it's recommended if yo...

    LOVE table tennis (Review of the HURRICANE PRO Ⅲ TURBO BLUE)

    The sponge was harder than I expected and it was a little difficult to handle.But if you let it bite and hit it, it feels good to go with a good ba...

  • Fastarc P-1
    Night vision (Review of the Fastarc P-1)

    I changed from C1. The momentum is good and the shot feeling is also quite good. Compared to c1, the orbit is slightly lower and it goes deeper. Th...

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