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  • Evolution MX-P
    Ammu (Review of the Evolution MX-P)

    I use special thickness.The following is an impression that I put it on a speed 90 mm square of a single plate and used it.I saw this rubber out of...

    Konohamaru (Review of the OMEGA VII ASIA)

    This rubber is softer for me (thick), but if you're just starting table tennis, it's medium or thin. If it is a middle person, it is thick. If you ...

  • Carl P-1R OX
    Middle pen you (Review of the Carl P-1R OX)

    I used it in the pen grain era. I bought it knowing that the biggest change was made among curls. You can toss your opponent with reasonable contro...

  • Fastarc G-1
    Middle pen you (Review of the Fastarc G-1)

    It is a powerful force to fly even if you hit it lightly. Personally, there is an image of rubber that can be easily processed on a bench, but the ...

    Get (Review of the VJC>07 STICKY EXTRA)

    The sheet is soft and petapeta and the sponge is hard. Because of that the ball has a good attack, it is easy to control both defensive. I think th...

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