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    for generations (Review of the ROZENA)

    It is Cutman's eyes.Tsutsuki's sense of stability and amount of rotation are substantial, and it is easy to attack and fast tokki in the Tsutsuki, ...

  • GTT40
    tenergy family (Review of the GTT40)

    It was a very good rubber that all technologies were easy to do, not about the performance of 3,500 yen rubber. You can use either forward or back.

  • Vega Europe
    Drive man! (Review of the Vega Europe)

    I used it for back! It's a bit too soft. If a person with confidence in the back uses it will slip a little? I feel it! However, I think that the u...

  • Booster SA
    Dingdong 01 (Review of the Booster SA)

    It is used only on one side of the pen.When first stuck,Is there such a table! !I was totally moved.Quite a lot of momentum,It can take incredible ...

  • VO>102
    Dingdong 01 (Review of the VO>102)

    It is used only on one side of the pen.The first thing I felt wasIt is very similar to Booster SA.Speed ​​comes out and rotation is perfect.However...

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