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  • Moristo SP
    Celsior (Review of the Moristo SP)

    Push as you can see in the headline! I used an immature XS before using a molist, but if I was in trouble because I could not push, I recommended a...

  • DIGNICS 05
    Suddenly (Review of the DIGNICS 05)

    I put it on the Zhusei wallet of the cut racket, but there is considerable momentum, but there was no problem once I got used to it. Serve and driv...

    Sasami (Review of the VJ>07 REGULAR)

    First, isn't it a tension rubber? It seems. It seems to be important to control, but it is difficult to use it unless it jumps so far.Even beginner...

  • VJ>07 STIFF
    Sasami (Review of the VJ>07 STIFF)

    Mainly used in the back.There is an emphasis on control, but the speed is surprising. The block is fast.The drive to Tsuttsuki is fast and the feel...

    Person who likes table tennis (Review of the RASANTER R50)

    Used on the foreground.Drive → ◎ There is grip, and if you make the impact stronger, you can hit a drive with powerful speed. It will take if you r...

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