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    I love table tennis (Review of the HURRICANE 2 PRO)

    Although the speed is slow, the rotation and control are very good. Beginner to intermediate

    I recently became a Tenazi school (Review of the ROZENA)

    It is easy to handle because it enters with a decent ball even if it hits from the back to the frontHowever, on the other hand, it is completely us...

  • Q4
    Naka Pen (Review of the Q4)

    The sponge was hard and not very stable, but the power when inquiring was not reduced. It is recommended for those who are accustomed to a certain ...

  • Attack 8
    Naka Pen (Review of the Attack 8)

    It took me a while to get used to it, but once I got used to it, I think it is a very strong rubber. If you hit a serve on the front or make a tutt...

  • impartial XS
    Zombie in the table tennis world (Review of the impartial XS)

    I used the back software for 8 years, but moved to the fore table about 2 months ago.Playing is easy to control while being fast enough to beat wit...

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