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  • Rakza X
    Tomato corn (Review of the Rakza X)

    I used it before, so if you give a rough impressionIt's pretty easy to use because it's not as hard as hardness, so it's pretty stable! Another goo...

  • フェイント・LONG 2 超ゴクウス
    Qi beef cutman (Review of the フェイント・LONG 2 超ゴクウス)

    Thanks to the nature of the grains and the sponge that is not too hard and not too soft, it will be a rubber that can cut using the rotation of the...

  • V>15 Extra
    Pinot (Review of the V>15 Extra)

    It's been a month since I changed from G1 extra thickness (2.0mm) to V15 extra thickness (2.1mm).When I hit it for the first time, the basics such ...

    Poo Taro (Review of the RASANTER R53)

    I made this on both sides. It's a little heavy, but it can be used without problems. I used to use rubber with a hardness of about 47 degrees on bo...

  • Carl P-3 software
    All team heterogeneous (Review of the Carl P-3 software)

    Impression that it is easy to use for beginners. I used it in SWAT and Blockman II (Shake), but Blockman is more suitable for curl. Recommended for...

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