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  • Fastarc G-1
    Ryon (Review of the Fastarc G-1)

    Currently in use with special thickness on both sides.Both hand drive is easy and stable.Saab is also easy to rotate and it feels good.Overall cont...

  • Rakza X
    Ryon (Review of the Rakza X)

    Used with special thickness.Easy to drive and stable.Any technique can be rotated to some extent.But serving was the only difficult part.Backhand i...

  • Q1
    The old man of the pasta shop (Review of the Q1)

    There are some comments that it is quite soft, but it is harder and heavier than Factive and Rigan Spin.The sheet is stronger than the rubber above...

    Ryon (Review of the RAKZA Z)

    Because it is an impression when borrowing a friend's racketThank you very much for your support.Since it is an adhesive tension, it is easy to rot...

  • V>11 EXTRA
    pendora middle school (Review of the V>11 EXTRA)

    I put it on the back of the middle pen. I was really worried about the rubber on the back because I shake the back a lot. I don't want it to be too...

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