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    katsuo000_2 (Review of the HYBRID K3)

    max, black.72g → 51gShore C hardness tester measured from the seat side: 42.2°D09C: 50g, 50.8°Dynalized ZGR: 58g, 48.2°Omega VII China Shadow: 57g,...

    Risotto Neiro (Review of the HYBRID MK PRO)

    Uses 2.0.There are some bubbles, and I don't feel the hardness of 51 degrees, but it feels like I'm using a hardness of about 45 or 6.I tried using...

  • P 5
    I wanted to know what Adidas rubber felt like. (Review of the P 5)

    It has speed, but... it doesn't have any spin. Also, the sponge was a little hard. For first-timers. It's not suitable.

    celebrate (Review of the RAKZA Z)

    If you cover it with adhesive and shake it as soon as it sticks, a really nice ball will come out. If you hit the ball late, the counter will fall,...

  • Fastarc G-1
    (Review of the Fastarc G-1)

    I used to use Rozena. It's harder than Rozena, but I was able to use it without any discomfort.I think it's a good rubber that rotates a lot.

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