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  • Q3
    Brain muscle drive man (Review of the Q3)

    It is thick to the fore. It was the best rubber in my previous rubber. First of all the speed is wrong. Even if it swings fully in the front team, ...

  • Fastarc G-1
    Matsushima (Review of the Fastarc G-1)

    Rotation is amazing, easy to repell, control is good, speed comes up, it is not big and it is really amazing rubber

  • Tackiness Chop
    Hetaret Cutman (Review of the Tackiness Chop)

    It was my first rubber since I caught a cutman.Since it does not play, the cut enters steadily. I think that it is the best rubber to learn the bas...

  • Q3
    Tools Stray (Review of the Q3)

    It is a hard rubber. How to use is tension rubber, but the shot feeling is Chinese rubber. When used in the image of GFT series, it was completely ...

  • Wallest
    memory (Review of the Wallest)

    Although the sponge is a soft grain, it's very good to play so I do not feel any discomfort even if I use it like a table.I think it is not possibl...

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