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    Beginner's table tennis (Review of the ROZENA)

    It is an impression stuck on the fair. (Special feature) Drive is very easy to do. It's very nice because it's easy to control.

  • Acuda Blue P1 Turbo
    I like table tennis (Review of the Acuda Blue P1 Turbo)

    It will take a lot of rotation, but the stuck is not so good.

  • Moristo LP
    Fatal cut man (Review of the Moristo LP)

    What I thought using Kore for the first time is easy to cut.So it is cut man recommendation lover

  • Tenergy 05-FX
    Blank man (Review of the Tenergy 05-FX)

    I was using my 0 stretch and I was advised that it would be better to use a more soft rubber from the surrounding advanced people and I tried chang...

  • Evolution EL-S
    Let's make it (Review of the Evolution EL-S)

    Golden tango on the fore and EL - S on the back. I felt it was softer than the influence of sticking heavy and stiff rubber to the fore, or roseta ...

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