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  • Rakza 9
    Meat favorite driveman (Review of the Rakza 9)

    Although the speed is fast, it also takes a lot of rotation.SaabIt will hang. Long hairFlicks are very fast and Chiquita is easy to do. The stop al...

    Left beginner chopper (Review of the DNA DRAGON GRIP〈55°〉)

    It's harder than I imagined.I had a hard time because I cut the serve. I think that there is no problem if you can master it.It's easy to attack an...

    Isamu Kumakura (Review of the ILIUS B)

    In a word, the grain height that can do anything. Clears the weak points of grain height. As expected, I can tell that I spent a lot of time on res...

  • Fastarc C-1
    Napi (Review of the Fastarc C-1)

    I bought it to restart table tennis after a long time and get used to it.The rotation is firm, the serve and loop drive are very easy to do, and it...

  • V>15 STIFF
    Nanasaki Comi Nanasaki Komi (Review of the V>15 STIFF)

    It takes unexpected rotation, it has a solid speed, and even intermediate playersI thought I was satisfied. Although it was possible to attack, it ...

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