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    Regno (Review of the ROZENA)

    I was in the forefirst for the first time. In the fore, the rotation was very slow and the control was perfect. If it says a fault, it will not fly...

    Tools Stray (Review of the OMEGA VII PRO)

    It is a rubber that rotates well and it fly linearly.I bought it at the forecast, but the trajectory was lower than I expected and I could not use ...

  • Vega Europe
    Kenta (Review of the Vega Europe)

    everyonePlease go back.Loop drive and speed drive for lower rotation ideally come in backPlease try pasting.

  • GTT45
    Novice kid (Review of the GTT45)

    If you are an intermediate person you do not need any other rubber, this is enough! The smallest thing is "the thickest" the best rubber."Medium" l...

  • Hexer HD
    Novice kid (Review of the Hexer HD)

    Rotation, speed is fairly short, but the catch is weak and the drive feels a bit falling.Although it is not bad, a subtle positionable rubber.

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