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  • Fastarc P-1
    Shogun (Review of the Fastarc P-1)

    The arch line is lower than G1, but it is enough, it has a decent amount of rotation and speed than G1, and for those who want to compete at speed....

  • TRIPLE Double Extra
    The (Review of the TRIPLE Double Extra)

    Compare with the usual crazy Neo3 blue. Adhesive strength is the same.Serve: The shot feeling is closer to madness blue than other madness. Since t...

    Person on the pen table (Review of the SPINPIPS D2)

    I put 2.0 on the fore of Rapid Carbon Chinese style (discontinued).It was a comparison with vo102 and Spipi Blue, but the impression is very stable...

    Can cook sugar (Review of the AIBISS)

    I used it for the fore because I thought that the adhesive was not suitable for the back side, but it was really good when I tried using it for the...

  • Moristo SP
    Taro (Review of the Moristo SP)

    Used in the fore table.I felt that it was easy to put out a knuckle when hitting the fore. The other party will make a net mistake.In the downward ...

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