Target Pro XD47.5

Everyone's rating [Hardness] Medium hardness
[Performance] Control and Speed to have excellent
Target Pro XD47.5

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  • Rating: 10 / 10
  • 2 reviews
    • Speed:8.5
    • Spin:8
    • Control:9.5

    Reviews of Target Pro XD47.5. Players who use Rubber evaluate various points such as hardness of the sponge, speed, control, spin, and feel at impact thoroughly.

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      TH (Experience:6〜10 years) Performance close to made in Japan

      Reviews by user

      It is an impression compared with GTH47
      The sponge of XD47.5 should be a little hard, but it feels obviously soft.
      Control of tabletop etc. is very easy to do with XD
      XD is better for flight distance, and XD is easier for inquiries
      Drive arc may be higher than XD, Tenergy
      However, since XD has almost no habit balls, it seems that once you get used to it, it will become a ball that is as easy to take as butterfly rubber.
      As far as I talked with the practice partner, I think it's best to stick it on one side that you want to stabilize rather than sticking it on both sides.
      It is a good rubber that can go in the fore or back, but I personally recommend combining it with other German products or adhesive depending on which fore back you want a habit ball.

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      Hardness Little soft

      Racket recommended use Relevant

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      Target lovers (Experience:2〜3 years) Expected

      Reviews by user

      If you hit the drive with a slight bite or bite in the fore, it will fall (stick into the net)
      Rubbing is stable, but rotation is not strong
      No serve
      Smash is normal
      It feels a little harder than the target gt47. Speed up a little
      However, the ball falls well (gt does not fall)
      The loop is also a little difficult to do

      Fore only with rubber performance
      The feeling of shaking off
      Tenergy & gt; Dig 09c & gt; Q5 (God of Petit) & gt; Tage xd47.5 & gt; Kyo Leopard 3
      Of course my standard!

      It is a little different when it is specified in the back
      It doesn't bounce more than other high-performance tension rubbers, so it fits on the table even if you hit it badly.
      The drive does not take much rotation, but on the contrary, any rotation can be easily returned.
      And there is a certain speed
      You can easily defeat the opponent's powerful drive, so if you do not respond firmly yourself, you will sink to the net
      Lightly squeeze on the table on the second day of use
      Of course, "Teared"
      And how long is the rubber life ...
      Tena 80 15h
      Digg 09c 110h
      Tage gt47 50h
      Kyo leopard cannot be measured (neo gets worse from around 60h)
      From a person with the ability to feel that the rotation slows down when using this much

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      Hardness Little hard

      Racket recommended use VISCARIA

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