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    If it is a high elasticity rubber it is unsatisfactory for stuck and rotated. If you are tension rubber you are concerned about oversight in the game. If it is made soft so as to suppress the momentum, harmful effects such as easy to float the tsutsuki are generated. GF - R solved these problems collectively.
    First of all, as for the rubber itself, the sheet is soft whether GFT has a slightly wider grain spacing. Sponge seems to be the same thing as GFT 40. Light weight of the seat, weight is lighter than GFT 40.
    Since it is such a seat, it gets caught tightly just like GFT, and the amount of rotation feels less than the GFT feeling less.
    Speed ​​is kept relatively low and it is easy to control, and when banging it is not faster than GFT. I feel like the ball enters as it is because the seat is soft when I can not hit it firmly.
    Tsutski and stop did not float more than I thought, and I was able to do sticky toppings as well.
    The block was easier to control and easiness to live.

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    Hardness Soft
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