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  • Omega VII Tour i50

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    Although it is called a tour, it feels like Asia. There are too few reviews, so I will review it.
    The sponge looks glossy and you can feel the high quality.
    However, for the price, I think it's a rubber that doesn't leave an impression, good or bad.

    It is a rubber that penetrates in terms of "there is no difficult technology" and "if you pretend to enter, you can enter properly".
    The performance itself is a really beautiful pentagon, and on the contrary, there is nothing special to mention, but ...

    The technology in general is easy to do. It feels like Asia with slightly improved grip, defensive power, and offensive power.
    In terms of power, it's about Asia & lt; Tour i & lt; = Hyper & lt; MUJI Tour.
    Chiquita is especially easy to do if you force it.

    This rubber is highly recommended for those who are attracted to the above two points. Since you can trust the rubber, you can concentrate on your own physical operation.
    It is an unnecessary rubber for those who do not feel attractive. Isn't it okay with tenergy and dignics?

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    Hardness Little hard

    Recomend racket ICE CREAM AZX I

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