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Mother's profile
Gender Female
Age U20
Experience 4〜5 years
  • Use racket, rubber

    1. VIOLIN


      Very unique elasticity realizes new ball-touching feeling. Hard but elastic high capacity blade m...
    2. RASANTER R45
      Rubber (Front)

      RASANTER R45

      Your game is loaded with spin and speed. You force the point by your powerful, persistent topspin...

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  • Anti-Power

    User review

    I changed from the anti-power that was taken care of for a year and a half to the trick anti, so I will post it as a memorial service. The battle type is left shakeback anti.
    At the beginning of the transition from the back, floating balls were fired in rapid succession, but it seemed difficult for opponents who were not accustomed to anti, and it was possible to invite their mistakes. But after all, the floats are hit, so I often score points at the counter.
    The force of the push and the position where the racket hits were severe, and in the game I often made mistakes without being aware of it.
    The technique I gave up is angle striking against downward rotation. I practiced by watching the video of W〇M, but I stopped because it was strong but not stable.
    The reason why I recommend it for the first time is that it is not a strong habit.
    Anti-power is not a rubber that can automatically return the ball or has a strong reversing function like the rubber recommended by Trick Anti and RM, so you need some sense to return the ball. The real thrill of Antiman is the experience of gradually sharpening your senses while continuing to feel the frustration of not being able to enter even though you thought you would enter. If you want to change to anti, I would like you to start with this rubber.

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    Hardness Little soft

    Recomend racket VIOLIN

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