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Gender Male
Age U10
Experience 4〜5 years

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  • HYBRID AC inside

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    Many people use it with the TIBHAR Evolution series, but I tried it out by attaching a XIOM Omega VII China Light to the forehand and a DHS Tenkyoku NEO3 39° to the backhand. When I tried it out, I felt that the drive shot felt really good. The forehand was light and I could take it with the sheet, so I was able to bite into the ball and then bounce it off. The center of gravity is on the outer periphery, so you can swing without using too much force when hitting with underspin. I like the sound of the backhand hitting the wood when you hit it. This one was also easy to swing, and I could feel the backdrive going in deep. However, because he was a big swinger and the rubber was easy to fly, he almost never made any net mistakes, but he often made over-misses with contact and underspin. Overall, it was an easy-to-use racket that made an impact with a light swing, and I was able to hit even with sticky rubber. However, I felt that using it in conjunction with the Evolution series would bring out the best in this racket.

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    Hardness Little soft

    Recommend rubber(Front) Omega VII China Guang

    Recommend rubber(Back) Skyline 3 NEO

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