V > 01 Stiff

Everyone's rating [Hardness] Medium hardness
[Performance] Spin and Speed to have excellent
V > 01 Stiff

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  • Rating: 13.5 / 15
  • 30 reviews
    • Speed:12.87
    • Spin:13.33
    • Control:12.7

    V > 01 Stiff is another innovation of the VICTAS V > 01 premium series for ambitious players. The German-Japanese team of designers (GJ Tec) succeeded in developing an extremely spinny offensive rubber which offers the perfect balance between speed and control to variable offensive strategists. The pimple geometry which is slightly more direct compared to V > 01, as well as the maximum tension of the High Energy Tension rubber sheet of V > 01 Stiff provide for excellent energy transfer when the bat hits the ball, thus developing great speed. The open-pore, state-of-the-art 45° high-performance sponge which is slightly softer than in V > 01 provides for more control in your play (“Power & Balance concept”). With this new sponge / top rubber sheet combination, V > 01 Stiff enables extremely fast and spinny topspin strokes with an aggressive ball trajectory. Especially in mid-distance topspin rallies, the V > 01 Stiff rubber unfolds its full potential. The enormous tackiness of the High Energy Tension rubber additionally enables dangerous, variant-rich serves and magnificent control in over-the-table play.

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