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  • V>11 EXTRA

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    Middle-aged speed glue generation.
    When I was active, I applied speed glue to the slaver and slaver FX, and if it was a discontinued product, I applied speed glue to the catapult, and I tried Vega Asia, Lazanter r42, and Lakza 7 in search of a rubber that was close to when I returned, but it didn't work.
    Perhaps because the performance of the seat has improved, I just couldn't get used to the feeling of popping up.

    If you try using v11, this is it! The feeling.
    When smashing, packing in the swing direction! It was that feeling of flying. A rubber that uses smash as a weapon.

    The amount of rotation is not small, and the loop that is squeezed in until just before going to the board becomes a weapon by itself. If you skip the swing or meet too much, it will be difficult to rotate. A rubber with a full-blown manual feel that is typical of victas, for better or for worse.
    I don't think people who like automatic transmissions such as Tenergy will match this point, but I was a very favorite rubber.

    Serving was fairly easy to apply, and there were no techniques that were particularly difficult to do, including Tsuttsuki and the tabletop. Because the sheet is soft, you can use it without feeling the hardness of the sponge.

    This price is high because of this performance and lightness. As a smash lover, I thought I'd keep using it for a while.

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    Hardness Little soft
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