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  • Rakza 7
    Sasami (Review of the Rakza 7)

    There are competing rubbers such as Tenazi 05, V> 15, Fastark G1, Rakuza X, etc. However, Rakuza 7 is still active.Rather than I think that it was ...

  • Curl P-4
    Sasami (Review of the Curl P-4)

    Because it is a soft grain height, it is used for strong Matsushita Koji offense and specials.In the celluloid era, Feinturong Ⅱ was a classic one,...

  • Ventus Spin
    Sasami (Review of the Ventus Spin)

    It becomes quite quiet rubber compared to mainstream spin type tension. It is not a rubber that can never produce high power.It will be unsatisfact...

  • Bryce High Speed
    Table software middle team defensive type (Review of the Bryce High Speed)

    It plays well, so it is recommended for people in the middle team.Drive, not only smash, but also serve speed goes out.Also, even if the opponent d...

  • Humber (Review of the VEGA Intro)

    Very easy to use, I use it because the ball goes where I wanted, I think it is a good rubber for beginners

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