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  • NEO celestial poles 3
    Momentum. (Review of the NEO celestial poles 3)

    While using a middle pen, I tried a variety of Chinese rubbers (adhesion type), but it was easiest to use, leaving the incongruity of Chinese rubbe...

  • Rakza 7
    Glass man (Review of the Rakza 7)

    Although it is a cheap one in high tension rubber,Specs are sufficient, various play is easy to do, it is recommended rubber.ServeIf you can hit a ...

    Dragon (Review of the HURRICANE PRO Ⅲ TURBO ORANGE)

    Anyway, the front cabinet processing is very easyServe and Tsutski are really amazing to be able to spinAnyway crazy turbo orange isRotation and sp...

  • Vega Asia
    sho-go (Review of the Vega Asia)

    It is impression that I borrowed a little and tried hit.Personally I did not feel hard.There is some hardness, but is it a rigid hard rubber? That ...

  • Hurricane 3
    sho-go (Review of the Hurricane 3)

    It was my impression of trying it as I got it by practicing colleagues.There is only stickiness and it will not fly.However, since the sponge is re...

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